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Cyber laser
Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity
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We Cyber Laser make full use of our world's top class laser light-source technologies, develop and produce unprecedentedly high-added-value laser equipments, and provide new solutions to customers' businesses.
We contribute to the advance of optical industries and "bring new light" by the use of optical technologies, with the four pillars of businesses, namely
1. "the industrial laser business," providing lasers for high-precision processing, testing and repairing of high-added-value materials such as semiconductors, liquid crystals, ceramics, transparent materials,
2. "the medical laser business," raising the quality-of-life of patients with new remedies,
3. "scientific laser business," based on industrial-academic-government cooperative researches targeted for the improvement of R&D technologies, and
4. "the solution business," to squarely meet a wide range of customer needs.
Hitoshi Sekita, President & CEO
Our light, creating the future