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Cyber laser
Introduction to goggles
Introduction to goggles

Laser Protective Eyewears (Laser Goggles)
We introduce Laser Protective Eyewears from YAMAMOTO KOGAKU CO. LTD. of Japan.

Procedure to select the right laser protective eyewear
1. Identify the type, wavelength and output power of laser beam that you deal with.
Even the same name of laser beam belongs to different wavelength. Therefore, if the laser beam name is different, you can use such different name of laser protective eyewear as long as it meets the right wavelength of laser beam.
2. Choose the right filter property
D Laser absorption type You cannot see the laser because OD is High.
C Multibands type one filter applicable to several lasers
M Attenuation to 1/100 for laser alignment under 100mW laser. (OD1 - 2)
A Attenuation to 1/10000 for laser alignment under 10W laser. (OD4)
G Tempered glass type high level of visibility
H High power laser type High OD and high threshold level

3. Choose the type of frames
There are some frame types depending upon each lens property. Choose the type of frame of your choice.
*Some frames are not available for some filters.
YL-130 Goggle holds the face and can be worn over prescription eyewear. It is suitable to use at the place where the laser beam and diffused laser may come from unpredictable angle.
YL-295 Light weight & compact
Semi-straight temples and spring hinges provide snug fitting.
YL-717 For large size prescription glass wearers.
YL-331 For both prescription glass wearers and no glass wearer. (It may not be available to use this type for some large size prescription glasses.)
YL-250 Tempered Glass Type
YL-120 High Power Laser Goggle

4. Check item number
"Laser Eye Protector Catalog"
(Please click on the link above.)
If you access from our website, we will give you "Internet Special Discount (5% discount)".
Please click the "Inquiry" button below, then inform the "CL Product Number" by filling in the Question section.
And also, we can offer "Volume Discount" if you order five or more.

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