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Cyber laser
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Femtosecond Laser

The femtosecond laser is a technology that brings state-of-the-art precision processing expertise to your fingertips via multi-phonon absorption with minimal thermal effects. Cyber Laser is the only commercial manufacturer specializing in femtosecond lasers. With our unique technology, we provide highly stable, high-quality femtosecond lasers adequate not only for research purposes but also for mass-production applications.

IFRIT High power industrial femtosecond laser
IFRIT-TD20 High output power industiral use ultrafast laser
Femtosecond Laser Accessories
- Femtosecond SHG and THG unit


Nanosecond laser

Cyber Laser have been and will be enhancing technologies of all-solid-state ultra violet laser. The technologies we are developing are being brushed in order to value up all of our customers activities. We also actively accept the orders from high-end laser systems such as national projects. This is because it be in turn leading us to be the high-end laser supplier who can accept all kind of special order. This catalog presents two categories of Nanosecond lasers. These are in two products, very high power pulsed-laser SIVA series, air-cooled compact pulsed-laser Spica series.
SIVA-TD Industrial quantity output solid-state laser
SPICA Industrial air cooled solid-state laser

CW laser

Altair series is continuous wave UV and DUV laser for precision metrology. RUX is a CW NIR laser for semiconductor device inspection.RUY is also. Wavelength can be selected 1.3m(RUX) or 1.06m(RUY).
ALTAIR Deep ultra-violet CW Laser
RUX CW NIR laser (Wavelength 1.3m)
RUY CW NIR laser (Wavelength 1.06m)


Special laser customized by client request

Custom Made

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