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High output power industiral use ultrafast laser IFRIT TD-20

Characteristics ・Highly controlled the beam pointing stability, which is important to a material processing machine and a testing instrument
・Highly environmental durability with the proprietary housing design
・High-speed processing performance faster than the conventional fs laser with a ratio of 20
Applications ・Drilling for metal, ceramics, FRP etc.
・Surface processing with nano-periodic structure.
・ Thin film removal (touch panel display)
・ Sapphire plate dicing (LED)
・ Glass plate cutting (tablet computer, smartphone)
Options ・APMS (Auto Power Management System)*
・Power regulator *
・Shutter *
*The options to be installed at factory shipment
We are only-one domestic high power ultarafast laser maker, and have provided the lasers of high quality and with original technology to not only the academic research use but also to the industrial use in the production line. We are proud to inform that we have newly developed an ultrafast laser IFRIT-TD20 and added it to a product line-up. The main specifications are output power of 20W, pulse width of 3 ps, pulse energy of 250 uJ, center wavelength of 1,030nm. For the materials, which is hard to be processed with the conventional lasers, the IFRIT-TD20 can achieve high-precision and high-speed non-thermal processing. As particular applications, there are drilling to metal and ceramics, the thin film removal (touch panel display), sapphire and glass dicing (LED, tablet PC, smartphone), the nano-periodic structure surface processing (friction reduction effect). New product IFRIT-TD20 has the superior characteristics such as longer life time at high stability, short warm-up time, and is the robust laser for the industrial use. In addition, we accept the custom production of the laser material processing system equipped with IFRIT-TD20.

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