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High power industrial femtosecond laser IFRIT

Features ・Output power is very stable without any alignment using developed Auto Power Management System,APMS
・Not only output power but also pointing and positioning of beam,which are important for processing machine and inspection device,are stabilized.
・IFRIT can operate in non-clean-room environment because of unique laser head architecture
・Short warm up time
・Small foot point for use in the factory
・Various custom specifications(output and repetition rate)
Applications ・Dicing such as a semiconductor and a glass substrate,scribing processing
・Various nano processing on the surface of material Modification inside transparent materials
・Repair of masks for semiconductor exposure, display substrates and plane optical circuits
・Drilling of metal materials and cutting
・Biomedical applications
Options ・Pulse duration control *
・APMS(Auto Power Management System)*
・Modulation of repetition rate
・RS-232C interface
・Power regulator *
・Controllable shutter *
* Installed in the factory
Femtosecond lasers are expected for high-value added applications such as precision processing of optical communication devices, metallic parts, transparent materials, and semiconductors as well as biomedical, chemical, analytical, and measurement uses. Meanwhile, the femtosecond generation technology so far has been limited to scientific fields, and not considered fit for industrial fields where long-life and stability are must-have features. With Cyber Laser's IFRIT, you can expect over 10000 hours of continuous operation and four consecutive months of continual operation without calibration in a typical industrial environment where temperature and humidity are not controlled. With world class stability, maintenance-free operation, long life, and world's smallest form-factor, femtosecond laser IFRIT enables many advanced applications formerly unthinkable.

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