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Industrial air cooled solid-state laser  SPICA

Features ELong-term maintenance-free operation
EHigh environment resistance
With its improved rigidity of the laser-head structure,laser output is highly stable even on gantries,where strong acceleration exists.The hermetically -sealed laser head with precise temperature control ensures stable operation even under severe environmental conditions.
EOptions that satisfy both costmer's needs and cost
The optional functions are designed to fit all SPICA series.Therefore the laser can be easily customized depending on costomer's needs at lower cost.
EWide selection of configuration
Selection of wevelength of 1064,522,355 and 266 nm
Selection of laser midium; Nd:YAG(high energy type) or Nd;YVO4(high repetition rate type)
EHigher uniformity for each laser unit
We use special microscope to detect very fine defects which can not be observed by the usual way.With this method,we can select each optical parts quickly.
Applications Laser marking
Thin film ablation
Various microfabrication(Semiconductor etc.)
Air-cooled compact pulsed-laser "Spica", meets OEM use for semiconductor or display processing systems. High stability and creditibity of laser perfomance is realized by professional optical designers and electrical, mechanical engineers. Spica's are manufactured by mutual engineers in low-class clean room.

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