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Cyber laser
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Contents of solutions and fees
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Package Contents Customer CyberLaser Fee system
Research on laser technologies Searches on papers concerning certain topics
Summarizing and reporting on a specified theme JPYen300,000~
Optics design consultation Calculations using optics design tool
Simulations and calculations based on the parameters,
configurations and other conditions provided
Crystal evaluation Evaluation of optical crystals using CyberLaser's laser equipments Optical crystal, evaluation parameters to be specified
-Facility fee
-Technical consultation fee
   JPYen100,000 / day
-Other fees
Processing evaluations Test processing using CyberLaser's laser Test-piece (sample), process parameters to be provided - Processing result report
- Proposal of an adequate type of laser is also available
-Facility fee
 Nanosecond laser:
 Femtosecond laser:
-Technical consultation fee
   JPYen100,000 / day
-Other fees
Prototyping (*) Special-purpose laser apparatus and optical units Required specifications to be provided OEM, mass production to be quoted per request Ask us
Lead time to be estimated for each case

(*) NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is to be signed where necessary.
Disclosure of certain original technologies and know-how owned by CyberLaser may not be possible. Should conflicts occur with existing NDA conditions, CyberLaser might not be able to undertake such request.

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