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Brief review on previous consultations
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The following pie-graph summarizes the nature of previous consultation solutions we have undertaken as of April 2003, based on a) the target materials, b) the processing type, and c) the type of laser used in the application.

a) target materials
Transparent materials such as glass or silica, and metals account for more than 50% of all the cases. Meanwhile, a wide variety of other materials are also included in the cases such as semiconductors particularly silicon wafer, polymers, ultra-thin wires, fibers, and paper materials. This is an indication that micro-processing by laser is catching attention in many fields.

b) processing types
The majority is drilling with diameters ranging from several hundreds of microns to a few microns, followed by precision cutting, dicing of silicon wafer with thicknesses between 600 microns to a few tens of microns. Other processing types are, ditching with widths in the range between tens of microns and a few microns, and surface peeling of ultra-thin wires.

c) laser types
Femtosecond lasers, which are termed the most advanced lasers today, account for an overwhelming 71% of all cases. This indicates that previously unachievable precisions and qualities of processing are required in so many cases. This is also a proof that CyberLaser can effectively fulfill such customer needs.

target materials

processing type

laser type


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