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The LaserStation is a newly developed processing system, in order to meet a broad range of customer needs, with a combination of several types of lasers developed at CyberLaser and a high-precision 3-D microprocessing unit. Green/UV lasers, top-of-the-breed femtosecond lasers, infra-red lasers for biological use are available among others. These lasers are placed on the same optical base and combined with a 3-D microprocessing unit which can be used with any of the lasers.

Its advantages are...

1. comparative experiments with different types of lasers can be performed altogether in a short range of time,
2. advanced microprocessing experiments can be performed with minimal expenses,
3. using in-house developed laser sources, most parameters can be controlled and customized per request,
4. with optimized stage configuration in the 3-D microprocessing unit, LaserStation can adapt to various samples without special preparations or extra cost.

System Specification
Scan stage Stroke speed Movable axes Straight-
400mm 150
3 <2µm
Observation optics CCD
Imaging optics auto-focus
Sample holder vacuum chuck
Blow system nitrogen gas blow with a nuzzle (for the removal of debris)
System Configuration

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