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Solution-building consultation
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We bring laser light-source and processing technology to anyone's reach, regardless of experience in this field. Our broad range of consultation covers from basic requests such as...
- would like to consider laser processing, but don't have the know-how to choose an appropriate laser,
- would like to test with a sample test-piece,
- would like a research report on laser-related technologies,
to advanced requests such as...
- feasibility study on new materials without any previous data,
- evaluation of new optical materials concerning physical constants and other properties,
- development of special-purpose lasers.

A standard flow from inquiry to production is shown as follows;
- An NDA is signed to protect your valued information.
- Based on the detailed information, we make several proposals.
- Based on your choice, you and CyberLaser close in on the details of the specification and other conditions.
- Based on the specification and other conditions, we provide you with the results.
The results may be a research report, design drawings, experimental data, prototype, or anything else depending on the nature of consultation. Inquiries on the results is provided free of charge as part of post-sales service.

Solution-building consultation

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