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IFRIT Laser Specifications

Product nameIFRIT
Average power1.0W
Repetition rate1 kHz / 2 kHz**
Pulse duration180fs*
Pulse energy1 mJ / 500 J**
Energy stability 1.5%rms*
Output energy stability1% rms for 100 hours
Beam diameter6mmφ
Spatial beam qualityM2 < 1.5*
Divergence 1mrad
Stability pointing 30rad rms
SizeW317×D786×H585 mm
Weight< 100kg
Warm up period 30 minutes
Power supply100V×1, 200V~1
Power consumption 100V/20A, 200V/10A
Class of laser product Class 4 laser product
Guarantee period1 year or 5,000 hours
*Typical value, **Set in the factory
Laser Specifications
The specifications of IFRIT are targeted at 1-kHz repetition, 1-W average power, and 130-fs pulse duration, which is the largest common denominator for a variety of already-existing applications.
As for the spatial beam quality, its M-squared value is less than 1.5, meaning single-mode operation.
The fluctuation of the femtosecond laser output is less than 0.3% over 10 hours and less than 0.9% over 100 hours. Shot-to-shot energy deviation is also less than 0.3%. The IFIRT provides the light that satisfies you with any applications.

* Specifications in this document are subject to change without notice.

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